Greetings! I am Rathflaed DuNoir, called the Black Bard of Meridies, and I became involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism shortly after high school.
I was forced (due to mundane concerns) to sojourn to Caid where I lived for nearly 20 years and met my beautiful wife Emily. I have since moved to a pocket of Atlantia, and don't get to too many events these days, but don't be too surprised to see me in your corner of the Knowne Worlde. I have been known to travel through Meridies (of course), Atlantia, the Eastrealm, the Midrealm, An Tir, Atenveldt and Caid. Once upon a time, I also performed at a few Renaissance Faires. I've sung for children and royalty, and just might swing by your fire, so have some bard-bait handy. :)
I am an MSoB (mean son of a ...) no wait! It means that I'm a member of the Militant Society of Bards. You can recognize the MSoBs by the distinctive motley we wear. The MSoBs usually like to teach their audiences two major things: the first is "Always feed and water your bards and minstrels because then they come back!" and second, the word "More!". Applause is nice, but "More!" really gets your point across!
I am also a filidh in the Meridian Bardic College and am a member of the super secret ancient order of Fyrecrawlers (shhhhh!). And in the middle of all that, I've even been known to sing a song or two.
Mundanely, I'm a bit of a renaissance man, writing books and articles, consulting (homeland security and emergency preparedness), engineering, computers, the military and even running for political office twice. I like to sing mundane songs as well as the SCA stuff you've all grown to know and love, and in my merchandise section you can find links to my album of Irish songs.

Bio of the Black Bard

I have been known to send out an electronic newsletter every so often with news of events I have attended, events which I hope to attend, recording information and usually, a new piece. If you'd like to be added to this e-newsletter, send me an email at, or look me up on facebook:



The Black Bard's Poetry

This page is dedicated to the heroes and victims of September 11.

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